Mt. Vernon 2017

Mt. Vernon 2017

rick jacques

is an american artist born in palm beach county, fl. (1989) 

since founding his studio (lucky lefty) in 2017, rick has directed several short films, as well as commercial and branded content for google and advertising agencies droga 5 and anomaly.

for nearly a decade while living and working in new york city, rick has photographed branded content, commercial advertisements, portraits and architecture for clients and campaigns located all around the world. 

in june of 2017, rick traveled to sweden to work on a photo essay highlighting a new technology powered by google. following that, he traveled to the netherlands and mexico to begin work on his series 'gogh,' an experiment creating brushstrokes with a camera. he will continue to paint and photograph architecture throughout the united states, greece and turkey this fall. 

lucky lefty pictures is currently in development of the film 'andy' of which he is credited, director and writer.